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Centrally Located and then some.
Steps away from FIX Cafe &
wilderness preserve
Elysian Park
Easy access to four freeways: 101, 110, 2 & 5,
Metro access and FREE parking
Baxter 5
makes it easy to get to our surrounding cities: Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Downtown LA, or Hollywood and beyond.
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APA:"Best in California"
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Our complex of 5 apartments on Baxter is located in Echo Park Canyon abreast 600 acre land preserve Elysian Park Between Downtown LA & Hollywood. Steps away from FIX CAFE and the world famous Baxter Steps - leading to some of the best views in Los Angeles!

Fully Furnished Apartments: "Just Add People!"


About The Baxter 5

"Baxter 5 is family owned and operated since February 2005"

Our Smoking Policy:

No Smoking alloud in any of our apartments. If you or your guests need to smoke, they must smoke outside and take care that smoke doesn't travel into any of our apartments.

Our Pet Policy:

We accept pets, all sizes, our primary concerns are noise (Big dog? Big bark.) and do to the Hardwood flooring in most of our apartments - weight. The Mint, next door, has concrete flooring and is sound proofed, making it possible for us to accomodate bigger dogs. Please inquire:
(323) 660-2111 or i@baxter5.com

Our Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is very important to us - we don't like junk mail either!
We honor your response to our business and will never share your information with anyone else. Nor will we contact you to tell of "vacation specials" etc. etc. When you need us, you know where to find us. — Sincerely, Michelle, Kathleen and Charli

Our Policy Towards Gays:

We welcome Gays! I would love for our company to bare the TAG seal of approval. At this time, we cannot afford the annual fees to become a member.
— Best wishes, Michelle, Kathleen and Charli

Our Cancellation Policy:

NOTE: Our cancellation policy is enforced only when we are unable to rebook your nights at the same rate you were charged.Please understand, once your booking is placed, it is then sandwiched behind other bookings. If you have chosen a popular week or weekend to travel, given enough notice, I can probably rebook your nights. If you've booked some odd span of time - weekdays or over the months of an unpopular month, I may not be able to book some or all of your nights. Often I may need place "Hot Deal" ad and offer your dates at a reduced rate.