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Distance to Baxter 5: 2.6 miles

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Located adj. Elysian Park,
600 acre land preserve, between Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood on a leafy neighborhood street, these furnished corporate apartments are quiet enough for work or relaxation and provide great spaces and amenities for entertaining friends and clients.


Walking tour #2

Starting point: 2.6 miles South East of Baxter 5 (Vacation Rentals, Corporate Suites & Hotel)


Explore one of La's oldest ethnic neighborhoods, nestled next to the city's historic core. Here, the sights and sounds of Asia combine with the funky bars located in neon-embellished pagodas to create an experience equal parts kitsch and culture.

  1. Start at the East Gate (1; 930 N. Broadway via bus #45, 83, 84 or 85) leading in to Chinatown's Central Plaza, where pagodas and curved roofs vault above the courtyard. The crowd here ranges from Chinese seniors playing xiangqi (Chinese Chess) to west side families and youthful artsy types enjoying the ambience. Head west across Gin ling Way to the shops located in a building resembling a "Mandarin palace."
  2. Realm (2; 425 Gin Ling) proffers barware and home furnishings in a sleek setting;
  3. Munky King (3; #441)sells an eclectic array of Asian-influenced collectibles, art, and books. Cross southwest to the corner of Gin Ling and Mei Ling Way and throw a coin for good luck in to the wishing wells here. Proceed northwest on gin Ling, cross Hill St. then turn south on Chung King Rd., lined with hip art galleries like
  4. The Happy Lion (4; 963 Chung King). Backtrack to the plaza and cross it heading southeast: turn right on N. Broadway, where you'll pass banks with dragon guardians, traditional herb shops, and gift shops bursting with trinkets. Open-air
  5. Saigon Plaza(5; 828 N. Broadway) is wall-to-wall toys, clothing, and leather goods. Restaurant
  6. Yang Chow (6; #819) specializes in Szechuan dishes. Wander amid rows of Buddhas, dragons, and fountains at
  7. Wing Wa Hing Gifts(7; #811) while
  8. P.T.C. Ginseng & Herbs (8; #810)brims with exotic teas and herbs. Sate your sweet tooth on traditional pastries like dan tat at
  9. Queen Bakery (9; #809), then pass under the ornate dragon of prosperity archway to catch Bus #304 on W. César Chávez Blvd.