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APA:"Best in California"
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Baxter 5 provides a selection of Vacation Rentals & Extended Stay Condos located in Quiet Canyon of Echo Park/Silver Lake adjacent wilderness preserve Elysian Park (home to LA Dodgers stadium). Between Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Glendale & Burbank. Steps away from cafe Fix and the world famous Baxter Steps - leading to some of the best views in Los Angeles!

Pets: "Our furry guests."

Henry and Tree meet...

Baxter 5 pet friendly hotel (pet friendly hotels): dog named Tree and cat named Henry meet in the pet friendly vacation rental Baxter 5.  This is the furnished apartment (one bedroom apartment) known as the Maple

They become friends...

Baxter 5 dog friendly hotel (dog friendly hotels): dog and cat meet and hang out in the one bedroom apartment - they have become friends and are staring out the screen door together

Henry meets Boo...

Baxter 5 cat friendly hotel or cat friendly hotels: two cats have met and are hanging out on the private patio.  Boo the black cat is lying down - Henry the three legged cat is sitting up

Henry meets Ranger over coffee...

Baxter 5 dog friendly vacation rental or dog friendly vacation rentals: Ranger the dog and Henry the three legged cat are having a lovely chat over coffee on the private patio of The Maple furnished apartment.

Henry meets... Hey, who is that cat?

Baxter 5 pet friendly vacation rentals or pet friendly vacation rental: two cats have met and seem to be enjoying one anothers company on the east garden patio.  Henry the three legged cat is on the stoop.  The stray gray looks very well groomed and has a colar but I don't know to whom he belongs.